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The brown girl community has been blessed with increased diversity in the makeup world. We’ve got the shades and tones for a beat face like never before. But what about what’s underneath all that contour and highlight? What about the health of our skin? 

A skincare routine is only as strong as it sun protection factor, that’s right, SPF. 

SPF products protect against many different issues that can harm your skin and leave behind severe marks of aging. 

Here are the top three reasons why you need sun protection, even with melanin skin. 

Aging Skin

One of the main benefits of using sun protection is that it keeps your skin moisturized and safe from drying out with harmful sun rays. Even the darkest of skin tones can still fall prey to drying, and drying causes fine lines and wrinkles. 

Uneven Tones

Sun protectors like SPF products can also protect against uneven skin tones. Often times melanin can cause darker pigmentation, especially on the face and neck. As these areas get plenty of attention in the sun they can also cause increased darkening and unevenness. While SPFs won’t reverse any discoloration, they go a long way to deter it. 


Cancer Prevention

Dark skin tones usually range with a natural SPF level around 1-4% [1] percent. However, most Dermatologists suggest a minimum SPF of 30 for thorough protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays [2].


When applying sunscreen it’s based to apply on dry skin at least 15 minutes before heading outside. And if you’ll be on the water, apply twice as much, those blue waves reflect a lot more of the sun back on to you! 


SPF is often thought of as a gooey paste that leaves blue streaks. But those days are so 1995. Nowadays there are formulas developed specifically for women of color. The formula’s go on smooth but most importantly they are highly effective at protecting against that ever constant sun exposure. 


Try M. Roze Essentials new Glow Protector Suncare, and see for yourself the difference a quality suncare can do for you and your skin. 


Mroze Glow Protector Sunscreen


Be safe, and glow on! 




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