Being a model means part of your job description is having beautiful skin. From walking in fashion shows to being on the cover of fashion editorial magazines, model Adesuwa is well-aware of why it’s important to keep her face fresh and glowing while traveling to different gigs. But you don’t have to be a model to have truly, radiant glowing skin — the key is how you take care of your skin. 

Check out Adesuwa’s personal skincare routine tips below.

M. Roze: What are some do’s/don’ts about proper skincare you’ve learned while traveling?

Adesuwa: When traveling it’s best to guzzle the most amount of water u can possibly handle bc it dehydrates you to the maximum extent. I also slather on tons of moisturizer. I use CeraVe from cvs. It’s a cheap fire moisturizer for everyone. And it has some shit in there that makes your cells plump and sexy. 


MR: What are your travel essentials?

Adesuwa: Weed pen. Juuls. Edge control (half the world doesn’t know what that is), spot treatment for pimples and extra chargers. 


Photo: Adesuwa


MR: Describe your morning skincare ritual. 

Adesuwa: Chug water. Meditate. Smoke. Dance. Shower. Work. 


MR: Describe your nighttime skincare ritual. 

Adesuwa: Use oil cleanser makeup remover from skin, a deeper clean is better for the night. Witch hazel toner and more moisturizer.


Photo: Adesuwa

MR: How often do you book facial appointments?

Adesuwa: Once every 3 months or so. Try Fraxel from Clear + Brilliant. It changed my face!

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