The life of a model isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. From constant non-leisure travel to excessive amount of makeup being applied for extended periods of time, one can understand why after a while the skin begins to break down. Or more fitting to the point, break out. For Wilhelmina model and fashion entrepreneur, Afiya Bennett, it’s extremely important that her skin is always looking flawless despite the hassles that come with the profession. With Summer looming just around the corner, remember to pack a proper skincare routine for your next travel plan.


Check out Afiya Bennett’s personal skincare routine tips below.

M. Roze: What are some do’s/don’ts about proper skincare you’ve learned while traveling?

Afiya Bennett: There are so many do’s and dont’s to the proper skin care while traveling. My top three are 1) Never leave home without your facial cleanser and moisturizer/spf. 2) Carry everything in 3.5 ounces, aka travel size. I hate to have anything thrown away at security. 3) Don’t forget eye patches/ eye cream because our bodies retain water from flying and no one wants puffy eyes when they land. 

MR: What are your travel essentials?

AB: My travel essentials are a neck pillow for uncomfortable airplane chairs, a portable charger just in case the airplane doesn’t have chargers, and headphones in order to watch a good movie or listen to music.


Photo: Afiya Bennett

MR: Describe your morning skincare ritual. 

AB: My morning skin routine varies from day to day based on what my skin needs. On average, it starts with me washing my face with either cerave foaming facial wash or cerave hydrating facial wash depending on if my skin is feeling a bit dry. A normal day consists of me just washing, however some days I may apply a face mask or exfoliate but never too often because I don’t want my skin to get to dry. After washing I apply Embryolisse Moisturizer with either an oil or skin food to give it a nice glow.

MR: Describe your nighttime skincare ritual.

AB: My nighttime skin ritual consists of me removing my makeup with a makeup wipe (not too picky which brand), washing my face with cerave foaming facial wash and then applying Kielhs Midnight Recovery Oil to restore the hydration back in my skin for the morning. 



Photo: Afiya Bennett

MR: What are some miracle quick fixes after a long shoot?

AB: Some miracle quick fixes for after a shoot are using visine to brighten my eyes so that I don’t look tired, freezing a spoon and applying pressure under my eyes to decrease any puffiness and lastly rubbing an ice cube on my skin to increase firmness. 

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