What is dry brushing? How does it work, what do you use, and why is it important?

What is it?

Dry brushing is a skincare trend that has been on the rise within the beauty and skincare community for a few years now. This self-care technique is exactly what it sounds like; brushing your body and skin, just like you would brush your hair or your teeth. To reap the benefits of this fast-growing trend, gently brush your arms, legs, stomach, and back in long and gentle strokes before you get in the shower. After you’ve finished, wash your brush to remove any dirt and dead skin particles, and allow it to air dry for your next use. Depending on the benefits you’re trying to achieve, dry brushing can be done as frequently as one to two times a day.

Why is it important?

Dry brushing delivers many benefits, some that may even surprise you. This practice provides obvious advantages like softer and brighter skin. It also provides less obvious advantages like exfoliation, removal of dead skin cells, and renewal of damaged skin cells. It can also increase circulation to your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is said that dry brushing can even increase lymphatic system activity, which is your body’s “drainage system.” So, you’re essentially assisting your body in releasing toxins at a faster pace.

What to use?

There are a variety of brushes you can use that all come along with their own benefits in their differing shapes, sizes, and bristles. Depending on what area of your body you’re dry brushing can determine the type of brush you may want to use. Here are some popular kinds that are highly-rated:

  • The Body Shop - Round Body Brush ($12) – Ideal for regular exfoliation on legs, arms, and torso. The bristles are synthetic, soft, and might be a great option for those with more sensitive skin and are new to dry brushing.
  • Cap Beauty - Dry Brush ($40) – This brush is larger in size which can help you comfortably reach your back. The bristles are incredibly soft and suitable for all skin types and areas of the body.
  • Ecotools - Dry Body Brush ($6) – The Dry Body Brush is small, soft, convenient, and cost-effective. This brush is ideal for neck, hands, and feet, and could be a great option if you’re someone who travels or is constantly on-the-go.
  • The Organic Pharmacy - Skin Brush ($15) – This brush is made of all-natural bristles that are primarily produced from European beechwood and Mexican vegetable fibers. With a long handle, soft brush, and low price, this brush is hard to beat.

Self-care is one of the most important ways for us to love ourselves whether we’re tending to our body, mind, soul, or all three. Essentially, they’re all connected anyways, and thankfully, the practice of self-care and the awareness of its importance has been on the rise. Dry brushing is an excellent example of self-care and can be a simple place to start, too.  

Whether you’re new to dry brushing, have been thinking about it but haven’t gotten around to trying it, or even if you’ve never heard of dry brushing until now, I suggest giving this skincare trend a try. Not only does it provide you with excellent health benefits, but it also feels amazing, and what’s better than that? Dry brush 2-3 times a week for basic exfoliation or dry brush daily before your showers to maximize the health benefits. With affordable brush options and a simple habit to pick up, why not try dry brushing and feel the differences for yourself? You have nothing to lose!

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