Until very recently women of color were offered the same range of skincare advertising as the larger market. Usually under the categories of oily, dry, or combination skin. Now that a healthy, and warm glow is at the core of much of the skincare industry’s marketing we are seeing an increase in black-owned beauty and skincare businesses. As well as a rise in the amount of special treatments and care made specifically for WOC. . 

Here is a list of the top 8 skin care products for the melanin blessed woman. 

1. The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

Flow Perfectly Balanced Skin Oil

Flow Perfectly Balanced Skin Oil

Created by black-owned beauty brand The Afro Hair & Skin Co. this facial serum is the perfect combatant to hyper-pigmentation and scarring. Its organic ylang-ylang flower controls oil buildup and repairs inflammation.

 2. Jacq's Organics

Jacq's Organics  Nourishing Facial Moisturizer

Nourishing Facial Moisturizer

This all natural facial moisturizer from Jaqs Organics will perfectly hydrate and protect your skin with it’s combination of peptides and herbal extracts. It is also a bonus that the brand is completely organic and uses all natural ingredients.


3. M. Roze Essentials

M. Roze Essentials Eye Refresh

Eye Refresh

This targeted treatment is specifically for the windows to your soul. Best used at night this eye cream works to reduce puffiness and blur ageing lines. The high intensity of jojoba oil is the perfect compliment to darker skin tones that often require extra moisture during the night for a rejuvenated morning look.


4. Avya

Avya Daily Moisturizer Avya Face Moisturizer With SPF

Face Moisturizer With SPF

Avya is a new line to hit the market but it’s reception by skincare gurus has been well  noted. Currently sold out (again!) their Day Moisturizer SPF is a soothing and easy choice for day to day wear for the darker skinned woman who wants a supple glow and also protection from the rays. 

5. Plant Apothecary

Plant Apothecary  Matcha Antioxidant Face Mask

Matcha Antioxidant Face Mask

Plant Apothecary is unisex, USDA Organic beauty, grooming and bath based apothecary brand that focuses on creating formulas that revitalize as much as they support sensitive skin. Their Matcha Antioxidant Face mask is no exception, and boasts “that matcha reduces inflammation and fights damaging free radicals.”


6. Kaike

Kaike Melt Product Best Skin Care


Kaike’s “Melt” is a straight-forward, highly impactful oil cleanser. All-natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Preservative free this brand knows how to deliver simple products that work for the brown girl.


7. M. Roze Essentials 

Mroze Skin Glow Vitamin C Serum Best for black skin

Skin Glow

M. Roze Essentials’ Skin Glow is a Vitamin C serum made specifically for Melanin tones. Its active vitamin extract works to correct hyper pigmentation while also wearing as a luxurious part of your skin regimen. A must for heavy travelers.


8. Temple Zen

Temple Zen Night


Another top serum makes the 2019 list with Temple Zen’s “Night”. This evening ritual maker is perfect for a long bath excursion or a nightly treatment. Packed with rich fatty acids this serum is just as restorative as it is relaxing.

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